Lean Methodology fundamentally changed how manufacturers produce and how tech startups launch. We apply a similar methodology in building and guiding marketing programs for growing companies. Gone are the days where we spend countless hours planning a campaign, revealing it, and hoping it actually grabs attention. 

Plan, Launch, Hope Is Not A Strategy–It’s A Hail Mary

introducing The LEAN COLLECTIVE

We are a group of digital professionals and designers who are dedicated to applying the Lean Method to everyday marketing and design challenges. Depending on your project or campaign, we bring in the right mix of talent ranging from product marketing, content marketing, PR, product design and rapid prototyping. 

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Tallulah David

Founder + Principal

Tallulah is a product marketer with over 10 years of experience in branding and positioning B2B products and services. Drawing from both agency and in-house experience, Tallulah has worked with companies in HR tech, software security, e-commerce, and consumer electronics. Collectively, she has helped clients earn over 20 industry awards and garner press in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and SiriusXM Radio. Following a passion for solving challenges unique to B2B SaaS, Tallulah currently leads content and product marketing at a leading HR technology company based in Los Angeles.